For over 40 years Hytronics Corp. has designed and manufactured custom magnetics and transformers for OEM customers in the commercial, industrial, and telecommunications fields.  Our expertise lies in manufacturing custom transformers and custom inductors designed to meet our customers’ specific needs in the area of toroidial transformers,  inductors, common mode chokes, and air coils, as well as power magnetics.
We pride ourselves in spending the time to work with the customer upfront in the design stage to ensure the custom magnetics design will not just meet their needs, but exceeds them.
  • Common Mode Chokes

    This Common Mode choke is commonly used in power line filter applications.  Our sister company Inductive Technologies, Inc. (I-Tech) has a standard commercial line of common mode chokes.


  • Toroidal Transformer

    This toroidal transformer is environmentally ruggedized.  They are often used in power supplies, telecommunications, and defense industries.


  • Low Profile Transformer

    This low profile transformer is actually a HF commercial version.  They can also be used in military/defense applications.  Hytronics  designs and manufactures MIL-PRF-27 transformers and magnetics.


  • Planar Transformer

    This Planar Transformer is considered to be an Ultra Low Profile device.  It is manufactured without any copper windings.  The coils are etched into circuit board in lieu of any physical windings.


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