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Hytronics designs and manufactures commercial and military chokesinductors, and transformers.  The company also has extensive capability in the high frequency switching magnetics and telecommunication applications.  Many standard designs are available for high-frequency LAN applications.Military products include MIL-PRF-27 custom magnetics and MIL-PRF-21038 standard magnetics, example specifications here:

  • HY1553-45 (through-the-board, dual ratio, -45)
  • HY1553-51 (through-the-board, single ratio, -51)
  • HYSM1553-45 (surface-mount, dual ratio, low profile, -45)
  • HYDGL1553-45 (surface-mount, dual ratio, low profile, dual interface, -45)
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  • LAN applications; frequency capabilities up to 1 GHz
  • 50/60 Hz power capability to 1 KVA.
  • Considerable experience with high voltage devices to 30,000 Vdc/Vac.
  • Surface mount packages available for both miniature power inductors and switching power supply magnetics.
  • Specialty items include Scott-T devices, magnetic amplifiers, magnetic shunt current limited transformers, ferro-resonant transformers, custom and standard line of RF inductors and high frequency chip inductors.

Common Mode Chokes

This Common Mode choke is commonly used in power line filter applications. Our sister company Inductive Technologies, Inc. (I-Tech) has a standard commercial line of common mode chokes.

Toroidal Transformer

This toroidal transformer is environmentally ruggedized. They are often used in power supplies, telecommunications, and defense industries.

Low Profile Transformer

This low profile transformer is actually a HF commercial version. They can also be used in military/defense applications. Hytronics designs and manufactures MIL-PRF-27 transformers and magnetics.

Planar Transformer

This Planar Transformer is considered to be an Ultra Low Profile device. It is manufactured without any copper windings. The coils are etched into circuit board in lieu of any physical windings.