COMPANY has been utilized by all sectors of industry, including the stringent requirements of Defense and Aerospace, as a provider of "best practices, observations and recommendations" when it comes to Quality Control and Counterfeit Mitigation strategies.  Our Inspectors and Degreed Electrical Engineers have demonstrated their advanced knowledge of inspection by identifying several new counterfeit techniques, sharing these findings with government sectors and continuing to provide documented results to help eliminate the risk of counterfeit components entering the supply chain.  Our quality team has been thoroughly trained by the manufacturers of equipment including Tescan for Scanning Electron Microscopy and Nisene for JetEtch Decapsulation Systems.  Our inspectors have attended DSCC (Defense Supply Center of Columbus) for training and our company is approved as a supplier to the Defense Logistics Agency under the QSLD (Qualified Supplier List of Distributors). 

Open market purchases of electronic components must be supplied with a high level of confidence that the parts are authentic.  In order to provide this level of confidence there must be a documented process to show the components are new, unused and that the parts have been stored, handled and packaged consistent with industry standards.  Our Quality Control process is in conjunction with AS5553, AS6081, ISO9001, AS9120B, ESD, IPC/JEDEC, and MIL-STD 202;750;883 standards.

Our process of visual inspection begins with product handling.  All inspectors must take and pass the Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive Safety Standard (ESDS) on their first day of employment and continuously be retrained.  This knowledge is critical for receiving inspections and shipping preparation.  Our inspection work stations are state of the art, equipped with dinocam microscopes, digital cameras with macro capability, scales, handling tools, bar code scanners, multiple magnifiers, reel to reel counters, measurement tools and humidity control supplies such as vacuum sealers, desiccants, humidity indicator cards and room humidity monitors.  Package inspections includes photos of outside labels, photos to assure no damage to outer package, properly sealed, correct date codes, correct manufacturer logos, bar codes scanned and photos are uploaded to database for each order.  Interior contents are inspected for proper quantities, date code/lot codes, manufacturer, part number, and condition of all surfaces.  All parts will be subjected to datasheet references for package and configuration dimensions, resistant to solvents using 3:1 mineral spirits/alcohol solution, acetone and scrape test. 

After completion of visual inspection all parts supplied to the Defense and Aerospace as well as OEM industries will receive full component authentication via our in-house, certified test labs.  These tests will include Real-Time X-Ray Analysis, XRF Elemental Analysis, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Heated Solvent Testing, Decapsulation and Die Microscopy and Solderability Testing, all documented on an extensively detailed report.  In-house value added services can include tape in reel, dry baking, DNA Marking and Electrical Functionality Testing.

COMPANY’s QMS Certifications and related accreditations include the following:

  • AS9120B/ISO 9001:2015 certified for “The Distribution and Warehousing of Electronic Components and Related Materials”
  • AS6081 certified for "Fraudulent/Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition - Distributors"
  • ISO 14001:2015 certified for “Disposal of Scrap Electronics and Related Materials in an Environmentally Safe Manner”
  • ISO 17025: ANAB accredited test lab certification
  • WBENC:  Women's Business Enterprise National Council (Small, Woman Owned Business)
  • DLA-QSLD Approved Supplier for the Department of Defense
  • ANSI ESD 20.20:2014
  • ITAR Registered

Part of COMPANY’s commitment to quality is its focus on ESD safety. Before any employee is allowed to enter the component inspection, testing, packaging or warehousing areas, they must first pass through a custom designed “ESD Airlock System” and pass the ESD training guide exam.

This mandatory electronic test point (ESD Airlock System) monitors both footwear and wrist straps testing proper position and grounding before the ESD test system will release the electric door strike. This acquired authorization grants access to critical component handling areas.

Our Quality Technicians rigorously inspect and document all incoming and outgoing components for proper packaging, condition, count, authenticity and overall quality.

To track inventory movement throughout the warehouse, COMPANY uses the latest warehouse barcode scan system from Symbol Technologies. This software tracks every piece of crucial information: bin locations, manufacturer information, part numbers, FIFO layers, quantities, date codes, order numbers and customer internal part numbers.